Hi, Susan here!

As you know, there is nothing more valuable than being able to grow your own fruits and vegetables right at home. That way you know they are 100% organic with no harmful GMOs added.

And that’s just one of the many benefits of growing your own produce in a home garden.

You Will Save Money 

You Will Be Healthier 

You Can Protect Your Kids 

You Will Be Prepared For A Food Shortage 

There are many others, but here are a few of the most important benefits:

I mean, I can’t come over to your house and plant the seeds in your yard or container for you! 

But I DID come up with what I consider to be the “next best thing” to doing everything for you.


My Instant Box Garden contains step-by-step instructions on how to grow your own mini-garden right in your own home, apartment or backyard! 

And to make things even more fun and interesting… every kit will have a certain theme!

For example, your Salsa Garden Kit theme box will contain everything you need to make fresh, delicious homemade salsa!

All seeds are organic, heirloom, open-pollinated and non-GMO!

PLUS… you get the actual recipes using your delicious home-grown produce to create mouth-watering, healthy dishes your whole family will love!

Like I said… once you get your “hands dirty” with my Instant Box Garden…

And it gets even better…

How would you like to have your own “Garden of the Month Club” type setup… where you get a different Instant Box Garden Theme Box each and every month?

Well, now you can…

When you subscribe to our “Instant Box Garden of the Month Club” you will receive a new themed gardening kit every month!

And I have lots of fun, exciting and delicious theme box ideas already planned. 

So as you can see… there’s something for everyone with these kits!

Imagine the fun you’ll have with your kids as they get involved in growing your own home mini-gardens!

Talk about a great family experience!

And you’ll be able to experience a new adventure each and every month.

Your “Instant Box Garden of the Month Club” is similar to other monthly subscription box services, but for gardening!

It’s Almost Like I’m Right By Your Side… Showing You Step-by-Step What To Do To Grow Your Own Home Garden!

I can’t wait to get your first Grow Well Gardening Kit in your hands!

P.S. If you’re at a loss on how to start your home garden… if you’re not sure “what to grow” or “how to grow it”… your worries are over.

Like I said above, when you subscribe to my “Grow Well Gardening Kit of the Month Club”, it’s just like I’m right by your side… showing you step-by-step what to do to grow your own home garden!

So let’s get you started on your fun, healthy, delicious journey today!

Yours for healthy living,

Susan Patterson
Master Gardener and Certified Health Coach

You Will Be Safer 

Your Food Will Be Fresh 

You Will Help The Planet 

You Will Get To Try New And Different Things 

You Can Teach Your Kids 

You Will Be Less Stressed 

And don’t forget…

Tea Garden Kit 

Bee and Butterfly Garden Kit 

Shade Garden Kit 

Stir Fry Garden Kit 

Smoothie Garden Kit 

Moonlight Garden Kit 

Pizza Garden Kit 

Cocktail Garden Kit

Salad Garden Kit

Kids Garden Kit 

Bouquet Garden Kit 

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With these many health-boosting and other benefits, you would think that everyone should be excited about growing their own produce at home! 

So that's when I realized I needed to make things super simple as far as how to start and grow a home garden.

And I wanted to create a system that contains each and every one of the benefits I listed above. 

Finally, with the idea of making things “super simple”, I wanted to create a “Do It For You” system. At least as much as possible. 

I hear from people all the time that they have a hard time even getting started to grow a home garden.

They tell me they don’t know what supplies they need, how and what to plant, how to make sure their fruits and vegetables get enough water, sunlight etc. 

Have you ever planted seeds only for them to never grow, no matter how much you water them!? Well, you don't have to worry about that with these seeds, because I've only included the healthiest, top-quality seeds into each Instant Box Garden.

With these kits, you will have everything you need to grow your own mini-garden.

You get the high-quality seeds I mentioned above... so you’ll never have to worry about “what to grow.” 

You get complete planting and care instructions so you’ll never have to concern yourself over “how to grow things.” 

1 Grow Well Box


Monthly Grow Well Subscription



+ $9.95 S&H


The Simple Trick To Growing Your Own At-Home Garden Year Round!

But here’s the thing…

Instant Box Garden

Gardening Kit

You can literally grow these mini-gardens anywhere!

That’s right.

Each Instant Box Garden Includes:

A burlap bag to store extra seeds 

8 Peat Pellets

8 Plant Labels Sticks

1 Organic Liquid Fertilizer Tea Compost 

1 Organic, heirloom, open-pollinated, non-GMO seed pack (containing 4 individual seed packets)

8 Peat Pots

Complete growing instructions 

What's Inside The Instant Box Garden?

Roma Tomato Seeds with planting instructions

Cilantro Seeds with planting instructions

Jalapeño Pepper Seeds with planting instructions

Scallion Seeds with planting instructions

A delicious Salsa Recipe the whole family will love

A Burlap Bag to store extra seeds

Here are just a few of the themes being prepared for 2020....


+ $9.95 S&H

(This is a one-time payment)

Total: $56.95








Total: $47.00

(Auto-ships every month)









But that's not all...

I want to make sure you have ALL the information you need to be as successful as possible with your at-home gardening. Both with your kit and beyond.

That's why when you claim your Instant Box Garden Kit today...

I'm Going To Ship You A FREE Copy Of My Best-Selling Companion Guide...
The Instant Box Garden Miracle!

The Instant Box Garden Miracle

When you claim your very own physical copy today, you'll learn:

  • Step-by-step instructions on how you can start your very own box garden
  • The secret to growing 4'x4' grid-style gardening
  • How you can use elevated gardens to make gardening easier
  • The best box garden for growing indoors or in small spaces
  • My #1 tip for beginners to grow with success right out of the gate
  • The best way & place to set up your box garden for optimal results
  • How to start themed gardens like salsa gardens, tea gardens and spice gardens
  • Tips and tricks for growing and harvesting dozens of fruits, vegetables and herbs
  • And much more!

Box Gardening 101

New to hydroponics? Need not worry as instant box gardens allow both novice and experienced gardeners the opportunity to enjoy thematic gardening on a manageable scale.

4' x 4' Gardening

This grid-style gardening is perfect for those who have a little garden space and don’t mind bending down to plant, tend and harvest their gardens.

I've provided a tips and tricks guide for all the plants used to make the gardens outlined in this book. Specific varieties are listed only where planting and harvesting specifics are essential.

Planting & Harvesting Guide

These gardens are perfect for patios, balconies or any other small space. They are easy to plant and care for while offering endless rewards.

Elevated Box Gardening

A taste of what's inside...


And thanks to my 100% money-back guarantee, you literally have nothing to lose and your revitalized health to gain!

That's right!

You literally have zero risk when you order your Instant Box Garden Kit today.

Plus, I'm throwing in a FREE copy of The Instant Box Garden Miracle!

A book that has sold over 100,000 copies and helped countless gardeners to successfully start their own at-home gardens!

This book normally retails for $37.00 on it's own, but I'll ship it to you for FREE when you order the Instant Box Garden Kit today!

So now is the time to decide as we currently have limited supply!